What it is.

October 17, 2008

At its core, my research seeks to interlace contemporary concepts of timelessness with the projection of institutional authority. One might argue that timelessness is a predisposition of institutional authority; however, I feel that it is to our benefit if we allow the two subjects to remain separate so that we can better traverse the terrain between the two. In assembling the constellation of authors and artifacts that have designed on these topics, it became readily apparent to me that Architecture is part and parcel to the underlying construct of institutional authority. The depth of connection between the two literally spans culture and time, suggesting to us that there is something much larger and much broader at work than the simple edifice complex as described by Deyan Sudjic. In deed the topic of authority and Architecture is so vast that it does us well to focus this investigation into a narrow band of projection, namely the relationship of Architecture and Justice. And while this too may seem to be an overly ambitious exploration, the topic of justice (as opposed to governance) affords us a few salient formal conceptions that other topics do not namely, balance, symmetry, and perspective. If we allow these three characteristics to be put into a dialogue with the fourth concept of time, then we can begin to construct a cohesive and well articulated image of what a 21st century institution might look like.


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